Thursday, October 25, 2007

Car Kit

I don't know how but Zirpu found an emergency-preparedness company in Utah that sells all kinds of stuff to help you and your family be prepared for an emergency.

Honestly, they sell everything you would need if you wanted to go off into the woods and get ready to survive social-economic collapse, the invasion of Martians, or the takeover of the government by the devil (wait... has that already happened?), short of guns and ammunition. In the case of any of those events Zirpu's already laid in some reference materials (like this and this). They sell #10 cans of freeze-dried everything, water purifiers, stored-food preparation appliances, home-storage cookbooks, and what would otherwise be known as fancy camping gear.

I purchased a 72 hour kit plus a stove and fuel cans. I'll leave the stove combo in the garage with the rest of our emergency gear, but the kit is going in the car. Given how much stuff is in it, I was happy to see the size of the pack. I already keep a change of clothes, a pair of boots, and a sweater and the jumper cables in the trunk, and the trunk isn't that large (due to the electric battery, the seats don't fold down either).

I hope that I am at home in bed with Zirpu when the earthquake happens (I keep my glasses on the bedside table for a reason). It's as likely that I will be at work on an island and he will be at work across the bay. Because it's already known that a lot of people work and study far from home and it is likely that major transportation links will be damaged, it is easy for me to imagine that I may have to walk back to the house if I'm not there. The pack will make it easier for me to make that walk.

The emergency may not be an earthquake. It could be a fire, as our neighbors in SoCal are all too aware, and we could have to jump in our car and bug out. What would we take, if we had time to load up? The computers, the fire safe, a sculpture Phil made that I can't photograph...

Are you ready?

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